Chief bussiness

Chief bussiness

Guarantee Services
  • KSCFC provides guarantees for its members' liability payments related to their construction contracts.

    • Bid Bonds
    • General Bonds: contracts, construction performance, warranty repairs, balance, and indemnity
    • Payment Bonds: prepayment, retention money, payment guarantees, loans, leases, subcontractor payments, permissions, temporary power consumption prepayment
Financing Services
  • KSCFC actively provides funding for its members for business operations and undertaken construction work, utilizing the financial resources of its members' investment and the cooperative's gains.

    • Operating Fund: finances business operations including expenses related to the reserve of construction materials and wages Execution Fund: finances the execution of undertaken construction projects Discount on Bill: provides discounts on the bills received as payment of construction fees
Insurance Services
  • KSCFC is implementing insurance programs to manage the risks related to accidents and disasters that might affect construction projects in Korea or abroad. The types of insurance services are worker casualty insurance, commercial general liability insurance, overseas worker casualty insurance, heavy machinery safety insurance etc..

Credit Evaluation Services
  • KSCFC provides its members with guarantees and financing services based on the evaluation of members' credit, which includes their financial status as well as their management capabilities, without requiring any joint liability on the guarantee, thereby promoting the sound development of a construction industry and a credit-based society.

Leasing Services
  • KSCFC is the owner of 12 intelligent buildings that are located in major cities across Korea and serve as choice venues for all kinds of events such as international conferences, receptions or concerts. Building locations: Seoul (headquarters), Busan, Incheon, Daejeon, Cheongju, Jeonju, Changwon, Gwangju, Suwon, Daegu, Woolsan, Jeju

Education Projects(Technology Educational Institute)
  • The Technology Educational Institute opened in March 1997 and is the only government-designated comprehensive training organization that nurtures a skilled construction workforce. Approximately 330 trainees and 9,000 employees of member companies get job training every year.

Other Services
  • KSCFC offers various other services to assist its members with the operation of their businesses. Issues certificates of guarantee money and other certificates. provides bid, price and a standard of estimate information, a report of credit evaluation. runs "Construction Market" that supplies construction materials and services cheaply.